Ikaalinen is a great place for a sauna!

In Ikaalinen, even the most demanding sauna enthusiast won’t go without great steam or löyly, and a relaxing sauna experience. Ikaalinen has public saunas you can visit without a reservation—or you can use our saunas on demand, should you want your own peace and quiet. A dip in a lake, river, or waterfall completes the experience. For those looking for extra endorphins, we even have ice swimming in winter


Ikaalinen is a great place to play!

Ikaalinen has wonderful playgrounds both indoors and outdoors, so there's always something to do and fun to be had for the little ones, whatever the weather.


Frisbee golf in Ikaalinen

Frisbee golf is a popular sport and Ikaalinen offers excellent opportunities to try out its charms!