Fall in love with Ikaalinen!

Ikaalinen is a thriving hub of events. When looking for things to do in the Ikaalinen area, you can find the best events and hints all year round in our events calendar.

Events in Ikaalinen—such as Sata-Häme Soi, Saunafestivaalit, Puistofilosofia, and summer theatre such as Seleentakuset Summer Theatre —delight audiences with their rich programmes of performances. Sports and sports events in Ikaalinen are arranged by  Ikaalisten Urheilijat, Ikaalisten Nouseva Voima, Ikaalisten Kuntoilijat, Ikaalisten Tarmo, Mansoniemen Meno, and Poltinkoski Golf, among other organisers.

Ikaalinen’s active, community-oriented Ikaalisten Seurakunta organises many small and large events.

Taika, Ikaalinen’s art association, arranges exhibitions and courses throughout the year.

Ikaalinen’s vibrant villages and active village clubs offer a breadth of events that include the Huopion markkinat in Luhalahti, the Summer Festival Suvijuhlat in Karttu, and  Sikurin kesäpäivä in Sikuri and Kolkko, which are both exciting destinations at any time.

Please browse all the events in our events calendar.