Seitseminen National Park

On the border of Ikaalinen and Ylöjärvi, Seitseminen National Park is a great destination for hiking and day trips. Kovero crown forest croft (Koveron kruununmetsätorppa) shows the way of life in the district at the beginning of the last century. The Multiharju primeval forest is one of the oldest forest areas in southern Finland.

Outdoor Express – Destination to nature

Hop on a bus and go out into nature, effortlessly and sustainably!

Outdoor Express takes you from the Tampere city centre by bus directly to nature and back. The service is intended for both locals and tourists. The goal is to provide an easy opportunity for hiking for everyone.

Outdoor Express, which operates on weekends in July-August 2023, targets the Seitseminen, Helvetinjärvi and Isojärvi national parks. Upon arrival, there are a few hours to go hiking and enjoy nature. After hiking, you can enjoy refreshments at the cafes and restaurants in the parks. You can also pack your tent and ride back the next day.

In Seitseminen the bus first stops at the Nature Centre, then follows an internal park route to the Kovero Heritage Farm and the accessible nature trail of Saari-Soljanen. At Helvetinjärvi, the destination is the Helvetinportti restaurant, and at Isojärvi, it’s the café of the Heretty Loggers’ Cabin.


Adolescents (13-25 years), Adults (25-65 years), Adults (65+ yrs), Children (0-6 yrs), Children (7-12 yrs)

Seitsemisen kansallispuiston esittelyvideo

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