Frisbee golf in Ikaalinen

Frisbee golf is a popular sport and Ikaalinen offers excellent opportunities to try out its charms!

The popularity of frisbee golf has exploded throughout Finland. The sport is perfect for the whole family as a hobby, as a fun pastime with friends, and for goal-oriented training!

In frisbee golf, you aim to throw the frisbee into a target basket using as few throws as possible. You’ll start the course by throwing an opening shot. The next throw always happens where the previous throw ended. A hole is finished when the frisbee is in the basket. When the hole ends, the next hole begins. The winner is the player who has finished the whole course with the fewest number of throws (source: Frisbee Golf Association). You can discover more about the sport at

Ikaalinen offers excellent opportunities to explore frisbee golf, for example during a holiday visit!


You’ll find a nine-lane frisbee golf course in the centre of Ikaalinen, at the park at the town’s central sports field. If you arrive by car, you can park it the lot at the sports field (Pirkantie 1, 39500 Ikaalinen). The track is a flat park track framed by lake Kyrösjärvi. For a more detailed description of the course, with user experiences, see


Ikaalinen Spa’s frisbee golf course is a nine-hole, par 27 course (with a total length of 571 metres) suitable for beginners. The course runs through the spa grounds, starting in the beach and ending in the grounds of the spa’s main building. For a more detailed description of the course, with golfers’ experiences, see :


The Vatula frisbee golf course is a nine-hole course built by the Vatula Nykäys village association on Vatula ridge, at Palinperäntie 1323, 39530 Ikaalinen.

The track is built on a hilly forest terrain. For a more detailed description of the route and user experiences of the track, see

For more information on Ikaalinen’s outdoor sports facilities, also see :

We recommend you try out this fun hobby, which combines an interesting game with outdoor movement in the fresh air. Whether you play alone or in a group, enjoy being outdoors in Ikaalinen’s wonderful landscapes!

Kuva Ikaalisten kaupunki: Vatulan Frisbeegolfrata

Kuva Ikaalisten kaupunki: Ikaalisten keskustan Frisbeegolfrata