Ikaalinen is a great place for a sauna!

In Ikaalinen, even the most demanding sauna enthusiast won’t go without great steam or löyly, and a relaxing sauna experience. Ikaalinen has public saunas you can visit without a reservation—or you can use our saunas on demand, should you want your own peace and quiet. A dip in a lake, river, or waterfall completes the experience. For those looking for extra endorphins, we even have ice swimming in winter

Here are some hot sauna tips:

Villa Vihta
Toivolansaarentie 3, Ikaalinen

Run by the Steam-Slingers Sauna Club Association (in Finnish, ‘Saunaseura Löylynlyöjät ry’), Villa Vihta is a 140 m2 sauna in a fantastic location, the Toivolansaari campsite on the shores of Lake Kyrösjärvi.

The sauna can seat around thirty people at a time, enjoying the warmth of its 1,000-kilo-stone, wood-burning ‘Iki’ stove.

Villa Vihta has a communal swimwear sauna with separate toilets, washrooms, and changing rooms for men and women. A log-heated cabin, which comes also equipped with broadband, can be rented separately for meetings and parties. Villa Vihta has a large terrace where the evening sun shines beautifully—and it includes a barbecue area. The villa caters to all sauna lovers, both locals and tourists.

Come try out the sauna at Villa Vihta!


General saunas and sauna reservations: Villa Vihta

The Old Malt Sauna

The Luomajärvi Inn (Luomajärven Kievari), Luomajärventie 34, Ikaalinen

In the Old Malt Sauna, amidst the gentle warmth of the Luomajärvi Inn, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a bygone era—and bathe in a hot tub to the glow of stars and storm lanterns. The history of the sauna dates to the late 1700s, when malt was dried in its upper levels for sausages and bread.

The malt sauna is almost completely covered in black logs. You can still smell the subtle aroma of smoke and malt inside. When visiting the sauna, you can sit in the loft near the edge of the ceiling, as lanterns cast a gentle glow over the wood.

As part of your sauna visit, you can also take a dip in the large hot tub on the sauna terrace. During winter, brave sauna-goers can even try a dip in our snow bath. The sauna experience is crowned by handmade ‘Relax’ sauna whisks, which you can use to relax your muscles and stimulate circulation.


Sauna reservations:: Luomajärven Kievari

The Korsu Village Sauna Experience

Kivimäenkuja 152, Jämijärvi

You’ll find Korsu village (Korsukylä) along the Korsu trail on the banks of the Jyllinjoki river, in the middle of the countryside on the border between Ikaalinen and Jämijärvi.

Be sure to set aside plenty of time for your visit! Saunas are an ideal time to heal the world, relax, and enjoy great company. You can also enjoy a snack between sauna sessions.

Crown your experience with pampering sauna treatments.

Our Kota or Sami hut sauna is a social sauna that offers mild steam—making it ideal for hours of relaxation. This twenty-five-person sauna is a firm favourite with visitors. A massive wood-burning stove ensures mild, moist steam or ‘löyly.’ To crown your exotic sauna experience, you can have an outdoor wash at the foot of a fir tree. A relaxing hot tub bath also awaits you. The Kota dressing room even has space for a light meal!

Our Korsu sauna is a traditional lakeside sauna on the banks of the Jyllijoki river. You can admire the water flowing peacefully by candlelight. The sauna benches have room for around ten people at a time. You can also order a separate hot tub bath with your sauna visit.

In Ikaalinen, saunas have a very strong connection to ‘vihta’ or birch sauna whisks!

Pentti Hakala, the vihta-making world champion and an Ikaalinen resident, is a passionate revivalist of the Finnish sauna tradition.

Pentti is a member of both the Steam-Slingers (Löylynlyöjät) Association and the International Smoke Sauna Club (Kansainvälinen Savusaunaklubi ry) and has won many sauna-related awards—becoming Finland’s vihta-making champion in 1993, sauna champion in 2000, and world vihta-making champion in 2001.

Have Pentti teach you how to make a vihta with masterly skill in his short film ‘The World’s Best Birch Sauna Whisk’ (Maailman paras vihta):